What can I expect?

A welcome pack will be sent to you via email, this includes a comprehensive questionnaire and a 5 day diet diary.

You will need to complete these forms and return them prior to your appointment to enable them to be analysed in detail.

Your initial appointment will last between 1 hour and 90 minutes.

This allows an opportunity to discuss the reasons for you seeking support and the goals that you wish to achieve. Further discussion may highlight the possible root causes for your health concerns, not just the symptoms that you present with.

Using this information a plan can be formulated as guidance, encompassing Nutrition and  lifestyle alterations and maybe supplementation if this would be useful in supporting your health. Tests may be suggested that would provide useful data to identify a possible root of your health concerns and therefore really targeting your plan.

A written copy of the goals that have been set together and a plan will be forwarded to you. This may contain information such as personalised shopping lists, recipes, fact sheets & support information to help you make the transition to healthier living.

Any tests that we have agreed to will also be ordered for you.

Follow-up appointments are usually 4 weeks apart to allow you time to adopt the changes and evaluate the results.

Making changes is not easy! With support you can walk a new path to a healthier you.